Virus Support

As with the human body, the health of your machine is also threatened by virus and bugs that mess up your system and make you lose your data, and at times, even crash your computer! The biggest fear while using the internet is that of virus and bugs, that at times even crash your system, making you lose your data completely. We are sitting in an age, when Trojan has become a household name. We are more afraid of the virus that hit our computers than the ones that hit our own bodies, perpetually living under the pall of fear that one unidentified bug might end up wiping off everything that we had worked towards and saved on that computer. And God forbid if you are undergoing any business transaction online! Hackers can use these viruses to hack your personal account and get access to all your details-personal, professional and financial. Good and effective anti-virus programs have become the need of the hour and with the initiation of these programs into the digital system, the next problem that crops up on your list is familiarizing yourself with the layers and layers of these complex virus warriors. PC Optimus offers it quality services to help you fight all bugs under the scanner today and helps you install the best anti-virus programs that offer you protection against the onslaught of these bugs. Our team of experienced professionals has a profound and deep knowledge of all the viruses that might possibly afflict your computer today, and can swiftly resolve all issues, making your computer healthy again. And the best part is, we offer these services at rates that will knock you off!

We offer the following under this service:

  • Swift and complete support for all the names that hold nameplates in the market today, like, AVG, Kaspersky, McAfee , Avast and Norton.
  • Efficient downloading and installation of anti-virus programs on your system as well as customizing their settings according to your needs and usage, and regular upgradation as per the available updates
  • An all-round protection from phishing and spam.
  • Complete de-bugging of your computer.
  • PC Optimus offers you a complete insured surfing!

Your computer is experiencing difficulties and is in technical ICU

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  • Get an expert diagnosis
  • Get your computer healed to perfection
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  • Walk away with the deal of a lifetime!

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  • Get free tune-up with our combo plans.
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