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Virus Support

Tech2rescue offers it quality services to help you fight all bugs under the scanner today and helps you install the best anti-virus programs that offer you protection against the onslaught of these bugs.

Email Support

Tech2rescue steps in to offer its specialized services that resolve all your issues and put all your worries away in a jiffy. Be it Yahoo, Gmail, AT&T or Microsoft’s own Outlook, we have experts who are well versed with all the email service providers and can fix any issue that might ail them.

Printer Support

Tech2rescue offers you answers to all the maladies that ail your printer and bring tears to your eyes. Our professionals, who have years of experience in this field, are just a call away and will bat away all your worries, giving your printer a new lease of life.

Router Support

Tech2rescue is here with its specialized team of certified team of certified professionals who have solutions to all such issues on their fingertips, and for whom, your happiness and satisfaction is bigger than anything else.

OS Support

Tech2rescue is here to do just that. We have teams of professionals that are each well versed with all the nuances of all the different OS in the market today as well as the errors that are native to them, and offer you in a jiffy and at the best of prices, solutions that are customized to the issue and your system.

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