OS Support

The OS is the brain of the computer. In this age of technology, when one carries the computer in one’s pockets, names of popular OS like Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows etc., have become names that our found even on the tongues on children. Such is our dependability oh these OS for our daily needs, that is impossible, at the moment, to imagine a life where Android or Windows does not exist. With each individual OS, comes its merits and uniqueness. Android is known for its all round compatibility, iOS for its virus resistance and brilliance and Windows, the good old Windows, for of course its dependability and compatibility with a whole lot of applications. With these layers of complications in each OS, crop up issues, unique to each, issues that might cripple your computer/laptop/palmtop/smartphone for life. Therefore, it has become extremely crucial for you to become well versed in all matters OS.

Tech2Rescue is here to do just that. We have teams of professionals that are each well versed with all the nuances of all the different OS in the market today as well as the errors that are native to them, and offer you in a jiffy and at the best of prices, solutions that are customized to the issue and your system.

Our team offers you its specialized support for the issues that you might come across in the following, and anything more that might crop up.

  • Rebooting
  • DLL Errors
  • Latest Version/Update Download
  • Reinstallation of programs

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