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Emails, today, as a mode of communication, have become so crucial to our lives and our way of functioning that we cannot imagine an existence without them. Professionals rely entirely on emails to conduct their businesses and therefore, it is of the utmost importance to them to have complete control on the functioning of their mail services. And in case, any error does crop up in situations that are out of your realm of control, Tech2Rescue steps in to offer its specialized services that resolve all your issues and put all your worries away in a jiffy. Be it Yahoo, Gmail, AT&T or Microsoft’s own Outlook, we have experts who are well versed with all the email service providers and can fix any issue that might ail them, and that too in a very prompt and efficient manner. The problems that generally affect email services include blockade of emails, undue failures in replying or forwarding of emails, or locking of your account due to a forgotten password or any such thing. Issues might also crop during the usage of calendar, contact book, photos and attachments etc. and could get further complicated due to the nowadays common headaches of spam and phishing. With our swift, quality services, you need not be scared for the safety of your digital communication any more.

Our email support helps you out with the following issues that might crop up in the following:

  • Setting up of email accounts
  • Logging in and out of email accounts
  • Email composition
  • Email attachments
  • Compatibility with browser
  • Spam/Phishing/Hacking

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